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O.M.I Full Wellness Body Chechkup


Testing Item
Normal Range
Actual Measurement Value
Expert advice
Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular Cholesterol Crystal 56.749 – 67.522 71,953 Work and rest together, make emotion stable, eat more foods for adjusting blood fat, such as lack fungus, fungi, vegetables and fruits, and eat less foods with high cholesterol, foods that have high salinity and high-fat foods.
Vascular Elasticity 1.672 – 1.978 1,351
Myocardial Blood Demand 0.192 – 0.412 0,612
Coronary Artery Elasticity 1.553 – 2.187 1,162
Coronary Perfusion Pressure 11.719 – 18.418 20,013
Gastrointestinal function Gastric Peristalsis Function Coefficient 58.425 – 61.213 55,186 Eat more non-stimulating and digestible foods and vegetables on time, chew the foods thoroughly, eat less but have more meals, relax in eating, keep happy mood, pay attention to rest, and do not eat cold food.
Bone mineral density Amount of Calcium Loss 0.209 – 0.751 0,978 Have a reasonable diet, increase outdoor sports, supplement adequate calcium, usually pay more attention to appropriate exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc.
Rheumatoid bone disease Degree of Cervical Calcification 421 – 490 525,435 Eat less bean foods and soy products, and do not eat stimulating food, tobacco and alcohol.
Rheumatism Coefficient 4.023 – 11.627 18,158
Trace element Ca 61.431 – 78.329 56,615 Supplement corresponding lacking trace elements by using a variety of foods, or by using through drugs or health products, if necessary.
Fe 66.432 – 73.246 62,654
Zn 1.143 – 1.989 0,721
Vitamin C 4.543 – 5.023 3,803
Vitamin B1 2.124 – 4.192 1,348
Skin Skin Collagen Index 4.471 – 6.079 2,033 Eat more vegetables and fruits which are rich in Vitamin C, but less food with strong sensitive to light, esp. like caraway, red turnip, and celery, etc. Avoid yourself to expose in sunlight too much, preventing the harm from ultraviolet rays.
Skin Horniness Index 0.842 – 1.858 2,766


The test results for reference only and not as a diagnostic conclusion.