BioRezonantna terapija i dijagnostika



BioResonance therapy poput drugih sličnih oblasti kvantne medicne (informacion terapijom, informoterapijom, F.R.T terapijom i sl.)  mogu se postići poboljšanja i izlečenja kod velikog broja zdravstvenih i estetskih problema. Terapija su bez bola, igala i hemije. Bez nuspojava. Za više informacija klikon OVDE…

Patients are looking for alternatives

Fewer and fewer patients are prepared to simply pop a pill when they feel unwell. People who are careful of their health and want to act responsibly in health matters are looking for alternatives. This is evident from the press portal run by DAK, one of Germany’s leading health funds.An increasing number of patients want to be involved in decisions about their fate rather than passively accepting prescriptions and medication. In the survey “The Germans and their Attitude to Illness and Health” conducted by the Allensbach Demoscopic Institute in 2000, around 70% of respondents complained that too few mainstream medical practitioners take an interest in naturopathy and alternative medicine.The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMW) discovered back in 2001 in its “New trends in medicine” project that increasingly people were turning away from scientifically based medicine and seeking help from complementary medicine.The TNS Emnid Study “On the Future of Health” also shows that 2/3 of the population often find unconventional methods of healing better than orthodox medicine although they do not regard these methods as scientifically proven unlike orthodox medicine.
Heightened health awareness

People’s awareness of health issues has increased considerably in recent years. Never has so much been spent on health and wellbeing. Many patients are afraid of the side-effects of synthetic chemical drugs or of surgical intervention and are seeking helpful alternatives. This statement is not intended in any way to deny that drugs and operations are right for many patients and are often even life-saving and very necessary. However, an increasing number of chronically sick patients are asking about the consequences of long-term medication and whether there are not perhaps other ways of treating their condition.

Treatment does not just target the symptoms

The 2000 Allensbach survey also found that over half those interviewed believe that doctors often only look superficially for the causes of an illness and direct treatment simply at the symptoms.

Pleasant gentle therapyIn bioresonance therapy electrodes are placed on the body and the patient can sit or lie in a relaxed position. Treatment normally lasts between 8 and 30 minutes. The number of treatments required is determined by the severity of the symptoms and the duration of the condition and can range from 2 to around 20 sessions.Paying out of their own pocket?Nobody likes paying a lot for average performance. Yet many are prepared to pay a reasonable fee for exceptional service.In particular, patients who have struggled to find satisfactory treatment are prepared to pay a fair price for genuine relief .Patients want to be informed

A patient brochure explains the principles of bioresonance therapy in an easily comprehensible manner and shows patients how they can actively support treatment.



Most important points to know:

System – Comparison
4Diagnostic Capsula
Analysis Informational
Analysis Energetic
it measures electrical charge of the body, but is not able to relate the biofeedback signals to deseases/emotions or other influences
Therapy Informational
Therapy Energetic
via Frequency, Magnet
via Frequency, Sound, Light, Magnet,
but only with qualified practitioner
the analysis results are approximately reproducible for90% in Long Term mode
Possibility of personal symptom or focus implementation
it is possible to buy so-called real substances, wich are in total less than 10’000, but cost assets due to the great material expenditure
14.000 items as standard
30’000 – 40’000 $
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