Dopunske frekvencije i programi

Rife’s Original Basic Frequencies

For those who have been studying RIFE for many years now, how many remember the original claim relating to pleomorphics and the need for only 5 or 6 basic frequencies which RIFE said would kill any disease?  It is quite similar to what Gaston Naessens claims but Rife preceded him though not using the same terminology. Over the years RIFE technology has become ever more complex as more people added stories and claims, and big bucks became involved.  I have long been puzzled as to why no one refers back to the basic claims of RIFE, not all these ‘interpretations’… It’s much like an inventor discovering a basic phenomenon but knowing he cannot make money with that as anyone can do it… so he makes a godawful complex machine (like Gray, two repulsive coils scaled up to the engine) which he can then patent and sell. Nothing wrong with trying to make money from a discovery or invention but stick with the basics of what works. We recently acquired copyright for the RIFE Way III book which will include a circuit diagram using ICs for the basic frequencies and a vacuum tube transmitter which is claimed to have been found as the ideal impedance matcher for the human body.  I have a bit more to do with regard to getting the book together for inclusion in the products list but I wanted to post the frequency list and some description of the process. It seems everything mutates and grows into ever more complex structures as it ages.  In virology and bacteriology this is called ‘pleomorphism’ which means ‘The theory that the various genera of bacteria are phases or variations of growth of a number of Protean species, each of which may exhibit, according to undetermined conditions, all or some of the forms characteristic of the different genera and species.’ At one time back in the early 1980s Ed Skilling and Bob Beck were promoting this set of frequencies, then Riley Crabb (of Borderlands) was selling an audiotape with the frequencies on it…the idea being to listen to it for the 5 minutes of so or each frequency and it should explode the disease structure…however, I never heard of any successes from it nor should there be without a more intense coupling to the body to allow maximum amplitude. Same with the singing into a glass to cause it to break…you can sing all day at the exact resonant frequency, but if it is not of sufficient amplitude and not in phase (resonant) it won’t blow it up though it will dance about the table a bit. The claim was that the basic viruses were responsive to the following frequencies; 666 hz 690 hz 740 hz 1840 hz 1998 hz (plus or minus 10 hz) Any of these can be easily projected using an off the shelf frequency generator using square waves and adjusting the amplitude to whatever you can handle, though I think it would need an amplifier to be effective, that is the beauty of the vacuum tube impedance matching circuit which will be in the book. No matter what pleomorphic stage these viruses had achieved within the body, they would still be subject to the basic frequencies and so would be exploded when exposed to them. The device used has an amplitude control as well as a fixed frequency 5 position switch for the 5 frequencies.  A frequency generator could easily be used to allow other frequencies or these to be input to the vacuum tube amplifier section. Anyway, the stories I’ve been told about this device in particular include one that makes me particularly squeamish, ‘that worms will crawl out your rectum’ when the device is applied…. also the appearance of zits, pimples, blackheads, diarrhea, tiredness, requiring more sleep, some possible allergic response or skin rash, excess urination….all temporary conditions and postivie indications that the body is indeed purging the toxins, poisons and diseases within it. That worms business has two connections, one is trichinosis from pork, one guy wrote in that they slit a pig, degutted it, poured wine into it and worms would crawl out….say ugh all you want, but I’d rather them crawl out and their eggs die than be living inside my body. .. The other connection is with Hulda Clarks claim of flukeworms as the cause of ALL DISEASE…where her ZAPPER is supposed to neutralize them.. I thought these basic ORIGINAL frequencies needed to be posted which were supposed to have been used for some 18 years with amazing successes when the vacuum tube amplifier was the coupling device.

Updated Frequency List

This list is a compendium of frequencies that have been reported tby users of the device to have actual physiologic effects. Some of these are well know frequencies, used in a unique sequence, others are completely new heretofore unknown frequencies. This list will be updated as results are reported to me, all information should be considered as anecdotal, and not scientifically proven. These frequencies should not be considered as anything but experimental. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK; NO CLAIMS ARE MADE FOR EFFECTIVENESS. Sedation or pain relief – Also nice to use as the last frequency of a set of frequencies. Fibromyalgia and Joint Pains  — This set has many positive reports of symptomatic relief lasting from several days to almost a week:

Lyme Disease — Please note the use of these frequencies has produced what is known as a Herxheimer Reaction. As the spirochetes die, they release a protein toxin that can produce joint pains, weakness, and general malaise for a few days following exposure. It has been suggested that one start slow with but a minute of exposure and then gradually increase the exposure time. One should not repeat an exposure until all effects and symptoms of the previous exposure have cleared.

Helicobacter Pylori —  linked as a causative agent in stomach ulcers.

Blood Cancer :  A type of Cancer cell found in blood of people with Multiple Myeloma. Causes the cells to disintegrate according to one researcher.

Cataracts   Emotion  — Very beneficial for emotional ties to diseases. 664 has apparently caused people to giggle especially in a group exposure setting.

Epstein -Barr Virus  — also has been used for Mononucleosis. Asthma  — Opens bronchioles makes breathing easier seems to be helpful for asthmatics. Also is quite sedating.7344 seems to work best of the three.

Sharpens Eyesight  Herpes Zoster —  relieves acute outbreak, but does not remove dormant form from body. .

Menie Cancerres Disease —  Removed all pain associated with. Hand Tremors —  Stopped involuntary tremors in left hand of a person with multiple sclerosis.

Tremors —  stopped involuntary tremors in a person with brain tumors.

Warts —  Plantar wart — use long exposure time — 15 to 30 minutes on each frequency.

Prostatitis — 10 to 15 minutes on each frequency. Use for a short interval will aggravate prostatitis!

Anger —   reported as being able to keep a person from becoming angry Nausea and abdominal cramps — 

Chlamydia infections — 

Central Nervous System  — A master Central Nervous System Frequency. Release of emotional problems, blocked seizures — but does nothing once seizure starts, stopped tremors in hands in person with Parkinson’s disease.

Hepatitis C —  used by a Dr. in France to good effect. Exposures were of only 45 seconds on each frequency. Longer exposures had no effect.

Multiple Sclerosis —  30 minutes every other day, used the above Hep C protocol on alternate days. 

Psoriasis  — From New Zealand comes this protocol.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE) — 

Fruit Flies  — Reported by someone in the Netherlands.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome —  Also used parasite frequencies. Round Worms

FlukesIncessant worrying —  Gall Bladder —  Pleural Efffusion —  Basal Cell Skin Carcinoma —  Chem Spray Related Illness —  Muscular Dystrophy — Reported by two people to help stamina and muscular coordination.

Diabetic Foot Infection — Saved a persons diabetic toe from amputation Rheumatoid Arthritis —