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Workplace Wellness


Jeffron de Savoye, C.N.P. and Athina Mougoyannis,C.N.P. present invaluable health and wellness information to employees during the lunch hour.

By gaining understanding of how to make smarter food choices, improve health and establish lifelong habits, your workplace will be fueled by healthy, energetic, happy and productive employees!

Your 1 hour Lunch & Learn includes:

  • Presentation, including Q & A
  • Lunch ~ Holistic Nutritionist approved (optional)
  • Gift bags
  • Hand-outs

Choose from our list of topics or you can request a customized presentation created to meet your company’s specific needs.

Our topics include:

10 Food Tips to Help Your Brain Function Optimally

Avoiding The Afternoon Slump

Cold & Flu Prevention 

Top Foods You Should Be Eating More Often

Eliminating Stress With Food

Staying Healthy During The Holidays

If the lunch hour does not work for your organization, we can arrange a breakfast (before work) gathering or an after work time-slot.

Workplace health and wellbeing program


Choose from our vast selection of entertaining and educational programs below or enquire about tailoring one to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

We can also support Victorian workplaces registered with the Healthy Together Achievement Program work towards the Healthy Eating benchmarks. Read more.

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Interactive sessions designed to engage your staff on how to eat healthy, our seminar topics include:

  • Nutrition 101
  • Fuelling everyday performance
  • Healthy eating for corporate lifestyles
  • Nutrition for active lifestyles
  • Understanding food labels
  • Nutrition for shift workers
Cooking demonstrations

picture of workers lining up for healthy lunchLearn to cook simple recipes that are both delicious and healthy with our one hour cooking demonstrations. Our recipes can be tailored to suit your workplaces demographics.

The recipes we demonstrate cover the following themes:

  • Quick, cheap and healthy meals
  • Healthy barbecues
  • Seasonal menus (summer/winter)
  • Family-friendly meals
  • Healthy meal makeovers (healthier versions of the recipes you love)
Smoothie, soup and salad demonstrations

During this express 45 minute demonstration (with additional 15 minutes question time); learn how to quickly whip up a nutritious smoothie for breakfast on the run, a delicious salad for lunch at work, or a hearty soup for the family for dinner.

Themes you can choose from:

  • soup and salad warmers
  • super food smoothies and salads

Some of our super nutritious and tasty recipes include:

  • Berry green smoothie
  • Banana booster smoothie
  • Beetroot, lentil and feta salad
  • Chicken, kale and fennel salad
  • Caramelised onion and lentil soup
Healthy food cook-offs

Picture of food in a tasting cupWatch your colleagues fight it out to win the healthy food cook off. Two staff members will be given a recipe; they then have ten minutes to review the recipe before entering the cooking challenge. Nutrition Australia will provide:

  • recipes
  • ingredients
  • cooking equipment
  • healthy eating handouts
  • tastings

It’s a fun-filled hour of entertainment with health and nutrition tips, cooking advice, and delicious food sampling.

Health displays

Designed to be interactive, with a dietitian or nutritionist in attendance, our health displays provide general nutrition information and can respond to individual concerns and issues. Activities presented at health displays may include:

  • Comparing ‘unhealthy’ and ‘healthy’ lunches (with a focus on fat, calories, sodium, fibre, protein and calcium content)
  • Comparison of sugar content of different drinks
  • Additional recipe and nutrition handouts to take away
One-on-one consultations

These 15 minute long consultations are simply a shorter version of what you would experience with a dietitian in private practice.

The dietitian will cover meal plans, setting goals, and allow the participant to ask any healthy eating or nutrition questions.

Canteen/café menu assessment

Stand out from your competitors, and improve the nutritional quality of your workplace menu. We can service your business by assessing your workplace menu for both variety and nutritional adequacy.

Previous clients

We service a wide variety of industries, ranging from corporate finance and telecommunications, to architectural and pharmaceutical organisations.



“Thank you very much for the fantastic and informative demonstration you gave. Our employees were impressed and surprised that simple ingredients could taste so good and be nutritious.”
Frankie, Chubb Insurance

“I just want to let you know how pleased I was with today’s ‘superfoods’ seminar. The content was interesting and pitched at a perfect level for the audience who were clearly engaged with lots of questions.

Importantly Rebecca was a fabulous presenter who knows her material well and who held her own with a variety of questions coming at her.”
Fiona, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne


Contact us using the form below, or call 03 8341 5800 to enquire about tailored workplace services for your organisation.

Lunch and Learn Nutrition education

Lunch & Learn Event…Diet, overweight, obesity and their role in chronic pain and fibromyalgia

Lunch and Learn Nutrition EducationThis lunch and learn seminar consists of a presentation by our Nutrition Educator on how diet and lifestyle factors play a role in chronic pain and fibromyalgia. The presentation covers a brief history of changes in diet and lifestyle over the past 60 years and how that has played a role in the “obesity epidemic.” It also covers what foods in your diet may be increasing your pain levels, foods that can help to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as how to look for certain additives in the ingredient list on your foods that should be avoided due to their adverse side effects on health and pain. This seminar is perfect for anyone who currently suffers from chronic pain or fibromyalgia, or are seeking a better understanding ofthese conditions. Admission is free, however seating is limited. Lunch will be provided.

Follow the link below to register. Registration is FREE and seating is limited, so sign up today!



Lunch and Learn classes are formatted for group presentations and are the perfect way to guide your employees to better health! These sessions will teach even the fast food junkies to expand their abundance of natural foods and how to combine foods for optimal body composition. They will not only learn what to eat but will master when and why they should eat specific types of foods!

Select from our list of Corporate Wellness topics or work with Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE to customize your own! Each Session will be 60-75 minutes in length including time for a 30-45 minute presentation, Q&A, and hands on component. All seminars include the option of adding a hands-on food demonstration and recipe tasting of healthy meals in a FLASH or Superfoods for an additional fee based on expected participants.


Your program may consist of a series of quarterly initiatives with incentives for employee attendance. Participants can attend multiple lectures, which will build off one another yet if an employee is only able to attend one, they will be able to catch on to the core concepts presented. Each lecture will be unique in content and will include components of healthy eating and lifestyle changes that are applicable in daily life. Participants will learn a minimum of 3-4 take-home messages at each lunch and learn and will go home with a minimum of 2 recipes and 2-3 handouts from each session. Pricing is based on detailed quote from initial discussion, package discounts may be applicable. Contact us today for your customized program!





“She is a leader in the field of functional foods and an advocate for the promotion of enjoying foods; promoting health and well being through balanced mindful eating. She is the model of what we want to see in the realm of Dietitians!”


“Her knowledge of nutrition and its effects on the mental, physical, emotional health, and disease of individuals outshines others in the field. She is able to bring the point home in a most professional and clear way, while holding her audience’s riveted attention.”



Integrative dietitian and founder of Naturally Nourished, a functional medicine private practice. Author of Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine for Optimal Healthcookbook and Reset, Restore, Renew: Real Food Detox program.


Ali has dedicated her career to revolutionizing food-as-medicine in treatment and prevention of disease. She has a passion to create public awareness regarding the significant role diet plays in our overall health with her philosophy of Food-As-Medicine. Through corporate outreach and as a public figure, Ali addresses nutrition misconceptions and myths, clarifying the extensive amount of confusing and conflicting information that often saturates the media.

Ali is an affiliate of a multitude of nutrition, media, and professional organizations and regularly serves as a contributor for various television stations and publications including weekly Thursday morning segments on Fox 26. Ali’s message has influenced millions through both the media and the medical community. This was acknowledged in 2015 when Ali was named one of the “Top 50 Most Influential Women in Houston” by Houston Woman Magazine.


With a mission deeply rooted in the sustainability of our food systems, Ali teaches clients to navigate beyond corporate manipulation with an “outside the box” approach to healthy eating. She promotes clean eating and works to unveil the hidden truth of toxins in our food system while sharing the significant health benefits of consuming local, organic, and wild, pasture-raised foods. Ali applies scientifically supported plant and bio-compounds to enhance a patient’s treatment outcomes while reducing medications and their undesired side effects. Rather than using a one-size fits all approach, Ali provides customized meal plans supported by up-to-date research for a functional approach to healing the body and preventing disease.


In the medical community, Ali has made an impression through her integrative approaches to treating people vs. diseases. Ali has seen an enthusiastic support from clinicians in the medical field including primary care physicians and innumerable specialists through referrals, participation in group programs, in-practice development of treatment protocols, and consultations.



Presentations are customizable to meet your needs and time frames. For more information call Nancy Rogers (621-4601) or Jodi Charvoz (626-4760) to schedule.

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