Sokovici – Slow Juicer

What is a Slow Juicer?

You can see & taste the difference!

Demonstracija mogućnosti sokovnika

The HUROM® Slow Juicer is a juice extractor that uses the patented Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) to extract juices. It is called a “Slow Juicer” because it operates at only 80 RPM and uses a mere 150 Watts of energy, instead of 1,000-24,000 RPM and up to 1,500 Watts of energy like a typical centrifugal “High Speed” juicer.
But don’t let the name fool you. The Slow Juicer actually juices faster than most typical juicers and expels significantly more juice from the same foods, with much drier pulp. The method of extraction is masticating and pressing, using the screw-like auger as a mortar and pestle. The action crushes and presses the food, releasing its deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. It also breaks up more of the phytonutrients, resulting in a richer colored juice that retains more vitamins and minerals. The slow RPM ensures that the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables is kept intact, eliminating oxidation and separation. Thus, it preserves the precious enzymes and nutrients that are closest to its natural form, as well as your food’s delicious flavor.

What Makes Hurom Better?

You get more juice out of the HUROM® due to its patented dual stage “slow juice” technology that works like a mortar and pestle. HUROM® is proven to keep more vitamins and minerals intact than high-speed juicers because there is no heat and less friction or damage during the juicing process; HUROM® also minimizes damage to live enzymes. HUROM® is an energy-efficient gourmet machine that juices fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy. You can make everything from juices, soymilks and nut milk to cocktails, sauces, marinades, baby food, and ice creams – even make delicious meals using the pulp.

A perfect combination of innovative technology

Low Speed Technology System (LSTS)
The World’s first patented juicer utilizing the LSTS (Low Speed Technology System) method: LSTS method extracts the most nutrients, vitamins, flavor, and even enzymes from food such as, fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts and even soybeans.

A perfect combination of innovative technology and state of the art engineering

Dual Stage Juicing
Juice is extracted first through the crushing stage and again in the pressing stage before the pulp is ejected, resulting in more juice and incredibly dry pulp.
Minimizes noise by pressing slowly rather than high-speed grinding.
Hurom slow juicer extracts the most flavor and nutrients from any kind of fruit or vegetable.
Easy to Clean
Simply rinse with water between juicing, or take it apart easily for effortless cleaning.
Economic / Higher Yield
Extract the most juice using the least amount of food, saving on grocery bills.
Motor comes with a 10-year warranty.
Automatically separates pulp from juice. Rotating brush cleans the bowl while it juices.
Versatile juicing
Hurom not only juices fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass, it also juices nuts and soybeans.
Innovative patents in over 40 countries.
No sharp blades and highly effective safely features.

Nutritional Tests

Nutrition Test: Vitamin C & A, Juice Volume
Hurom Slow Juicer VS Tradition Juicer

Vitamin C Vitamin A Juice Volume*
HUROM extracts 42.7% more Vitamin C93.35mg/serving   >   53.51mg/serving HUROM extracts 60.7% more Vitamin A318mg/serving   >   125mg/serving
Hurom extracts 35% more juice8 fl oz   >   5.2 fl oz

*Hurom maximizes juice output by gently pressing the food twice: once in the crushing stage, and again in the second pressing stage before pulp is ejected. The Traditional Juicer expels much of the food before even extracting the juice because of the high-speed motor.

Test results are from  Michelson Laboratories, Inc., Korean Food Research Institute (KRFI),
and internal labs.

The tests performed by Michelson Laboratories, Inc. are approved and certified by:

• ISO/IEC17025 accredited laboratory through A2LA
(International Organization for Standardization/ International Electrotechnical commision)
• USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)
• FDA (US Food & Drug Administration)
• USDA National Nutrient Database


Blender Traditional High-Speed Juicer Hurom Slow Juicer
RPM 1,000 – 24,000 1,000 – 24,000 80
Noise Level 80 – 110 dBA 70 – 90 dBA 30-55 dBA
Power Comsumption 350 – 1,500 watts 250 – 1,500 watts 150 watts
Cons Loud Noise
Sharp blades
High energy consumption
Cannot seperate pulp from juice
Oxidation and seperation
Loud Noise
Heavy and bulky
Sharp blades and/or expensive filters
High energy consumption
Difficult to clean
Oxidation and seperation
Lightweight and compact
Convenient handle
Ultra strong GE ULTEM parts
Easy to clean
Can juice all kinds of fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens, wheatgrass and even nuts and soybeans.