Water 4 Life


Based on scientific works of famous Japanese Massaru Emoto and American Patric Flanagan scientists our Company succeeded to produce, as very first in the World, the unique-healthy-clean drinking water.

4 Life Smart Water® is ENERGIZED water enriched with ions, more precise as hydrogen atoms with two electrons.

The hydrogen atom with one proton within core and two electrons circling around is one of rare hydrogen isotopes that appear in plasma estate within nature, again very rarely. Such hydrogen atom with surplus electrons is an ideal antioxidant, however rather unstable within nature. Its duration is only several nanoseconds. The natural spring-water contains surplus hydrogen ions; however it remains active as such for 24 hours at most.

However, the experts in our Company in their work over the years and enhancements have managed to “capture” and “pack” hydrogen ion into concentrated colloidal water solution of tiny crystal beads with diameter of only few nanometers by special procedure and to achieve unthinkable! 4 Life Smart Water® maintains energetic stability, in fact two additional electrons per each water molecule even up to twenty years. This fact allows undisturbed packing, long storage and transport to consumers with no change of water quality and characteristics what so ever.

The 4 Life Smart Water® produced in accordance with recipe of nature is powerful assistant to organism’s immunology system due to efficient neutralization of free radicals(its hydrogen ion de-electrifies electrified free radical) from food at times of their appearance. This
preserves human cells from extinction and prevents other sorts of damages caused by free radicals.
Furthermore, it also delivers surplus electrons to the cells in organism. At the same time, the vitamins brought in by food get preserved, later on absorbed into blood and used for development and recovery of cells. In other words all useful substances in process of metabolism get preserved; one could say this enhances the metabolism; therefore, 4 Life Smart Water® represents an ideal UNIQUE SUPER ANTIOXIDANT nutrition SUPLEMENT.

4 Life Smart Water®  has entirely positive effect on all the organs that participate in metabolism. Its application may cause longer digestion due to more thorough absorption of preserved vitamins and other useful ingredients; however, this does not cause “digestive tract problems (constipation)”. The stool color changes (it becomes darker), which is good sign of liver, pancreas and other organs recovery, which secrete in process of food digestion.

4 Life Smart Water® is basically adequate to healing substance contained in natural spring water, with glacier origin, at some locations on Earth such as Caucasus and Hunz on Tibet that are well
known by good health and longevity (in average people live 120 years).

4 Life Smart Water® strengthens immunology system that further brings entire organism into harmony and healing. It is desirable to avoid liquid contact with metal object prior to consummation.
The use of plastic or glass cups is recommended as well as direct drinking from the bottle, one to twosips right after each meal, or whenever additional physical and mental condition is required (preparation for tests, important meetings, etc).

One might feel a mild electric shock when in contact with water from the bottle, which is result of super-dive of electrified ions, which is entirely harmless for human.

4 Life Smart Water® is mild drinking water with pleasant taste, colorless and odorless, possible to combine with ordinary drinking water and other beverages, with ability to increase alkalinity
of those. Any side effects or overdose are impossible.

4 Life Smart Water® is packed in plastic bottles of 0.15 L i 0,33 L volume.


This study is a result of Rosch experts’ research over the years, as well as the observation of water phenomena discoveries by other researchers all over the World. Our approach to this matter come
from engineer, chemist and physicist stands, based on our own and scientific findings as well as very strict scientific methodology. However, we have learned that such approach is simply not sufficient
since the ordinary water represents rather mysterious substance in sense that its phenomena cannot be comprehended by the official scientific/materialistic approach.

It appeared that it is not possible to observe all those phenomena distinctively from phenomena of life and hidden mental and spiritual human potentials. Thus this is not such a new discovery, since
the modern science has reached similar discoveries in other areas too (e.g. wave quantum physics).
However, when it comes to water this interaction, with appropriate approach, this phenomenology reaches the level obviousness with relatively simple and wide spectrum of practical applicability. One
might consider that it is not an accident that the water as widespread and necessary substance for life can serve to prove this unbreakable connection of Matter-Life-and Spirit. This type of interaction has been
researched all over, from secret paradoxical appearances within atom up to scaring incomprehensibility of Universe harmony. However, the water has always been within us and all over us for all the time. And
what happens…this connection/interaction just waited for us to find it within ordinary water! It was hidden within murmur of life, in rain drops, in our kitchen water-tabs.

Once we realized this, we have made one sort of multidisciplinary and hyper complex approach that apart from official scientific areas includes some let us say bordering scientific areas, and on top of
it we have involved clear spiritual point of view. Our intention was to create original scientific piece of work, which would be easier for us due to our experience of doing similar in the different areas of science
and technology. However, we estimated that such product would be rather pointless. Furthermore, such scientific work would be destined for way too narrow circle of potential users considering that amongst
recognized authorities for respective scientific areas is rather difficult to find those with interest for other/new stuff, and especially for messing up spiritual with science. Therefore, we have done the study
of scientific-popular character, which does not require unique narrow expertise, or in other words it is adapted for a pretty wider circle of users. Nevertheless, we have kept a certain study approach that will
make it interesting reading for variety of experts and scientists.

What is most important for the readers, this study is not consist of stories about other people’ discoveries, or rather from second-third hand, this study represents authentic ROSCH group researchers’
story that have based their findings in a direct and independent way or from direct and reliable sources. Therefore, there is no list of used literature in the end of this study, since in this particular case it would be pointless. Furthermore, this study represents its own literature, and the readers can simply accept what is written or not. Those who chose to accept can benefit in many ways. Nevertheless, discoveries that we talk about are easy repeatable in most cases, possible to be tested, and applicable, which secured the scientific validity of provided stands.

The issue that might represent a problem is the fact that this original study in a very concrete and educative way promotes interaction of physical objective phenomena with psychological-spiritual condition of human kind. Thus this study contains unique objectivity and value; it stands real chances to be disliked by two mutually opposite categories of consumers. The first group is consisted of the people that build their image of the World on pure materialism and naive-realistic comprehension such as: “I do not believe to what I cannot see” or “It could be explained to me only in a way that I foreseenthe explanation, and in a way that I could understand.” The other category is consisted of the people that already “are” in some spiritual spheres. Although, as the previous group, they expect that others unconditionally comply with their beliefs without any individual thinking what so ever. Basically, there is no difference amongst these two groups, since both of them ignore real science and real spirituality.
The study in principle is intended for a third category of consumers, and this group is consisted of the people with clear mind and opened spirit, regardless of the education they possess. Amongstpeople of the third group one can equally find real scientists as well as those to which the science is not a strong side; both of these have equal chances to benefit from it strongly, starting with purely pragmatic means toward general education and spirituality. Within this group of people we shell find new researchers simply due to a fact that this study may not be considered as final in the area of unusual water phenomena, life and human psycho-spiritual potential. Anybody with honest desire and belief in success could be researcher within above mentioned areas, with only one condition and that is to be driven by solely positive motives. We shall be more then glad if our study serves to new researchers as reference and basis for new discoveries, with only one condition, which is that all the findings should serve for a positive purpose, deprived from any negative intentions, thoughts, and feelings what so ever.

The times of great and essential changes in science, understanding of the World and human relations are before us. This is inevitability, and it should be accepted sooner rather than later. One should not onsider this study as missionary; however, one of its main goals is to assist consumers to accept, with full respect of free will of course. Further development of science and humankind will not be possible to eparate soon from individual and collective spiritual evolution. Pretty soon the science will not pronounce different phenomena as possible or not possible, but it will accept the principle that possibility of different phenomena is conditioned by the FAITH of the observer or user. This should satisfy all the sides, since many things will be possible for those who truly and unconditionally believe, on the other hand it will not be happening for those who doubt or do not believe. Isn’t that in fact quite logical? Why should anyone have benefits from something that does not believe in? This question represents the answer as well. Since our World is ruled essentially by the same laws, it is only logical that the same essential principles apply in relation man to man as well as men to different phenomena. The principle of TRUTH cannot be separated from the principle of FAITH.

Let every user, prior to reading of this study, put a side, at least temporarily, all the prejudice, doubts, and disbelieves, as well as all negative thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, the reader should
not burden with the question such as what type of literature this study is. Once the study is read, one should make individual conclusions, onto which we, as authors, do not intend to make any influence. In advance we shall mention that this study speaks about phenomena and mystery of ordinary water, as well as about true strength of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.